Africa With Autism – A Safari

This is a journey (safari) I have decided to take with my daughter who is high functioning autistic (9yrs old at time of writing).   I am going to be writing about every aspect of the journey research and decisions, and of course, the journey itself.

I am doing this safari for a number of reasons, one of which is for my daughter.   I look at her today, and she has done so well, we both have, and yet as I watch her play on her tablet, or on the computer, even watching TV, I see a child who is not being given the opportunity to really live.  To really see the world and what it is really about.  She is not getting the opportunity to over come her deepest fears, felt so keenly by those who have this condition.

I am not going to lie and say that I know it all, and that this will be an easy journey.  But I have discovered that it is with her growth, that we both get to grow.   I have, and still do, get it wrong, and then wrong again, before I realise and get it right with her.   So this journey will will be challenging for both of us.  And to keep the balance I will be asking her at times to do a post (curriculum will not be forgotten!)   or record a video diary entry.

I hope you enjoy the ride with us!

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