Melanie is The Spiritual Guide, Artist and Author who’s journey through life thus far has been accompanied with the questions:  what is life about? who am ‘I’ in relation to that? surely life is meant to be easy?

Melanie’s awareness has now raised to a point where she is able to understand that stream of consciousness that communicates with us constantly thus available to us all and has now embarked on a journey to help others in their raising of awareness as the best strategy to not only to living one’s life, but understanding intrinsically for one’s self as to the meaning of one’s life.

This does not stand in contradiction to any teaching that is out there today both old and new, rather it is the next step for those who are ready for it and can hear the words. It is philosophy and spirituality and science – it is changing your life without changing your life.

It truly is time for the students to become masters of their own destiny.DSC09853a

Love and peace to everyone.






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