I was bought up in the establishment and to support it as the right way forward in governance.  Yet I sit here listening to the news finding myself, as with the Brexit vote, happy with the results of the USA elections and wonder how did this happen.

I then saw a post on face book saying shame on the american people for voting for someone like Trump, and the penny dropped.  This isn’t shame on the voting public this is shame on the establishment.   Every aspect of our society run by the established ideas of what progress for the human race is, run by what we vaguely call the establishment made up of politicians who we vote in to positions of power to lead us in a direction that everyone can find benefit from.  Sadly the establishment has become so money and power hungry that now many decisions and policies followed have a single goal involved – the increase of the bank balances of the individuals with in it and this is done through the deals done with corporations who have no interest in the welfare of the living (people, animals, plants, the planet as a whole) only in new ways to improve their own bank balances.  Worse, the sense of self preservation of the establishment and the gravy train it has created, that propaganda is once more the main stay of information that delivered through the media like any healthy autocratic society that is intent on brainwashing the population so that it can continue its activities.

Is anyone really surprised that people are waking up and using their vote to rebel?   Shame on the establishment and well done to all voters who are strong enough that they are using their vote to bring change what ever it might be, because that change can only be better than the greed that is destroying us as individuals, and the planet on which we rely on.    What is absolutely certain is that we are never going to get change, we are never going to save the planet and come up with new solutions for a better way of living for everyone if we keep voting for people who have a complete disregard for these issues.

The time has really come for new ideas, new leaders, and a return to civil service where service to the community is the primary goal.   Are we years away from this?  I don’t know, but as a person who has become cynical about the continued existence of the democracy in a world run by the bank balances of the 1%, I am happy to see that regardless of the money being spent to keep people dumb to the scam, that the majority still have a voice and are now ready to start using it.

This is not the world falling apart – this is now a world that is starting to save itself.    Well done to Brexit for leading the way, and well done American voters for picking up the momentum.


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