The Stories We Tell

One’s reality is solely a collection of stories.  Some of these stories are in agreement with others, and some are not and even those we hold in agreement, will have one’s own personal twist to it simply because of all the other stories held by one person compile to give a unique perspective on a given story.

So what does this mean as we conduct our lives and interact with others?  It means that every story is flexible and is as much true as it isn’t true.  It’s truth only exists in as long as one deems it to be truth and when holding a story to be truth, consciously and unconsciously, we seek evidence of that truth.  If you want to make a story not true to you (only you because it may remain true to others and that isn’t your concern), then is requires conscious effort to seek evidence that makes the truth you want true.

To embrace this perspective (a new truth/story) means that you can come into the intrinsic understanding that you can only own your own truth, and appreciate that what others hold as stories can be truth to them, even if it isn’t in agreement with yours.  This degree of respect for oneself and others is a major step in developing a happier healthier life.  In a world where increasingly the need is to control others and their stories rather than one’s own stories, it can be a truly liberating experience and will begin opening the doors to discovering purpose and coming into the fullness of that which you are.





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