The Money Matrix and the Dawn of the Next Age

It is with out doubt that the obsession with money in this world is starting to reach a fever pitch with rich people getting richer and poor people getting poorer, with those on the middle just about keeping their heads above water (the money matrix).  All 3 groups suffering from extreme states of stress, either about money itself, or about social narratives, or about personal relationships (or the lack of).

There are many who are looking from with in this matrix (dependant on the matrix as a child is dependant on a parent ) for a meaning to their lives and new spirituality and old religions are just as popular as ever.  Whether it is the end of times, or the dawning of a new age, there are many who look on with anticipation at the end of the money matrix, knowing that the change coming is inevitable, drastic, and that they are powerless to stop or embrace.

Powerlessness, however, is a self imposed state.  The truth is we are all powerful beings who can choose what we feel and what we focus on in every minute if we made the effort to learn how, and here is the wonderful paradox of our times.  We know that the money matrix is not sustainable and it must change, however, it can’t change until we embrace our power of focus and feelings – which the money matrix demands us to learn if we truly want to feel purpose in our lives.  It is at this point of transformation we start to break free of the matrix and can create a more sustainable future.


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