There is Always Perfect Timing

It is without doubt that everything happens precisely when it is supposed to happen to give one the best opportunity for a good outcome.  We can stress about the watch and being on time, but whether you do that or not will not change the time you arrive.  You will always be precisely where you are meant to be, not just for yourself and your journey, but also those lives who are affected by your passing.



This also is true of those experiences that we consider to be ‘bad’.  Every bad experience will throw up a set of emotional responses that invariably led towards the experience so they could be expressed – these are the times you get an opportunity to actually address these emotional issues.

The feelings of rejection, abandonment and not being loved (because parents love someone/something else more) are perhaps the most common feelings, and one can extrapolate from these, isolation and separation.  From our subjective experience of life, it can take many years for us to identify what is active in our behaviours, but the wonderful thing to know is that they will always present at the perfect time for you to deal with them.  One doesn’t have to force any emotional healing, because you are already programmed to heal at the precisely the right time for you to heal.

So if you think you are broken, and you have tried to fix yourself but seem to be failing to do so. Stop trying, and be patient.  The issues you wish to address will happen precisely when they are meant to in order for you to deal with them, and no amount of trying will bring that moment forward.  In the same way one wouldn’t ruin a Saturday morning watching the clock for  a 2pm meeting – no amount of clock watching is going to change the time of the meeting.

So take a deep breath next time you are watching the clock or sitting in therapy or waiting for a train.  Enjoy the moment for what it brings rather than worry about what it doesn’t bring, because the moment will never bring you something you expect – that is the adventure of life.


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