Words vs Experiencing

I had a conversation the other day that really high lighted a key issue that many are having with spiritually orientated text or spoken word.  Perhaps it is the delivery of the information, or it is the receiver of it, either way I don’t really want to get into that discussion.  What I think is more important is that a distinction is made to help those who are wondering why spirituality isn’t working out for them so well.

The written or spoken word is an abstract, linear interpretation of an experience.   Communicating something in this format takes place because we have long forgotten our telepathic ability to convey, and experience, information in a multidimensional way.   The more involved you are with this linear reality, the more you focus on the linear communication in a literal abstract way.  So many times I have heard people quoting religious or spiritual text, not because they have experienced the actual truth of what the text is conveying, but rather because they feel there is a truth there, have analysed to some degree and come to a conclusion based on their own limiting beliefs.

These words were not meant to be used in this way.   These words are trying to convey an experience, to inspire one to that place where that experience is accessible.   Yes you can follow process a,b and c and see some improvement in your life after a long period time practicing, but until you open yourself up to the experience that is you, you will not feel the full impact of what the words are trying to convey.  In effect you remain and student, and never become a teacher.   There are several high profile ‘teachers’ at the moment who are in the segment of student, so focused are they on the linear word rather than the 3 dimensional experience.  Over the coming months I will write a segment on them in the Spiritual Review section of this blog.

I am not writing these words to criticize in anyway – rather I am wanting to point out something to help you into your own awareness of the experience that is you.   The more students who become teachers, the stronger we become as a society as we become more focused on using our experiential existence to bring positive change.



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