#jesuischarlie vs #jesuismoi

There is always a point of view on a situation, but I think one has to always check their response with the following question- What do I really know about this?  In a similar way that if some tells you that you won’t get hurt if you jump off the cliff, you would ask yourself – what do I really know about this?  There are many aspects to the situation of cliff jumping – the person telling you the information, their back ground, their motivations, the cliff itself, it’s height, what is at the bottom.  Ultimately you come to conclusion within yourself as to whether you think that jumping of the cliff will hurt you or not, and whether it is something you actually want to do.

Many people have not, and did not, ask or answer those questions and became emotionally involved in the events of the Charlie Hebdo attack expressing opinions, and being greatly upset.  The out come of this upset was (and this is perhaps one of the most important aspects of any event like this) that fear levels where increased, more laws curtailing freedoms introduced, clearer sense of the enemy of Islam – all within EU boarders.   Was this feeling justified on any level at all?   Not really when one considers some outside information.

The attack was isolated, and certainly when I first heard about it, the story was that it was a very professional job.  If ‘they’, the perceived enemy, were that well trained and professional, these type of attacks would be happening on a fairly regular basis, and would probably incorporate far more daring targets than a minor publication.  On the very same day as this attack occurred, 2000 people where massacred in Nigeria by Boko Haram, yet not a single mention of it within EU media – if #blacklivesmatter, then surely this would have received equally emotional coverage, and if the threat of Islam meaningful, then surely it would have been used to exemplify this fact further.   Another interesting point to note is that in Turkey, which is 98% muslim population, the memorial cover of Charlie Hebdo was printed by one publication.  Whilst people were upset by this, there have been no fatalities as a result.

There are many things regarding this event that give cause to pause, of which I mention the ones that immediately struck me.  And whilst many scream conspiracy theory like it is some sort of contagion, it is worth remembering that most conspiracy theories turn out to be true.  And if thinking for yourself is a contagion, then you really shouldn’t be complaining about what is happening in the world.  You can’t have it both ways.   You are either a part of the solution or you are part of the problem.

What do I see about the event of Charlie Hebdo?   I see manipulation.  I see the gain is in American and Israeli foreign policy.  I see a media frenzy to justify government actions that the population wouldn’t otherwise support.  I see no gain for Islam, or any other group.   This is the second event, on EU soil that has USA fingerprints on it – the first I am aware of was #MH17 the benefit of which was EU sanctions against Russia.  Prior to this event, EU was clearly not going to do any more sanctions, a week later – sanctions.   The USA, who is notorious for it’s false flags to pursue military and political agendas, seems now obsessed with ensuring that the EU is under its thumb… They have the leaders (if the Merkel turnaround is anything to go by) now they have to work the population into line.

If the USA is dragging us into a war, surely we should be clear about what it is we are actually going to die for rather than a perceived threat that could result in many people dying so that some politicians and bankers can line their pockets.  Don’t expect either you government or you media to tell the truth.  We have proven ourselves to be easy to manipulate, and it can only be our personal responsibility to change that.    You can change it by researching all the different points of view and evidences put forward and never accept one as being the whole truth – it doesn’t matter how much it irks you to listen to something you don’t like.  If you want someone to take your reality seriously, you need to start to take others seriously as well.





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