The New World Order and the #99%

A lot has been said in the wake of the 2008 crisis of the banking system, and rightly so.   It is no mistake to question why the collapse wasn’t allowed to follow through and the banks and their employees prosecuted for destroying so many lives, and increasing the gap between those who have more money than they could ever possibly need to sustain comfort, and those who have so little.   It is no mistake to question why the governments printed money to save banks who caused the problem so that we have to pay the price, and certainly it is no mistake to question why today an even more devastating crisis hasn’t happened yet because the band aid applied in printed money really isn’t strong enough to carry the weight of the problem, it only served to delay and create a bigger one.

However, with all these questions, there is always someone too ready to answer the question with an explanation of ‘The New World Order’ or its abbreviation, the NWO, and how they are screwing the 99% out of opportunity for a better life so that they become slaves to the 1%.    Phew!   all very meaningful stuff I am sure, however, there is a problem with this focus for many who look at it.   The focus is stuck there. Perhaps that is why so many people are doing their best to ignore it even though they know there is truth in there.  They are not given any way to process this information.   It is like looking down into an abyss and being told to jump in because there is no other way forward.  Personally, if I felt that was the only way forward, I think I too would turn my back and pretend the abyss wasn’t there.

So here I would like to offer a new perspective that is perhaps a little less powerless.  Yes, we have been, and continue to be, screwed.   Accept that instead of looking at it and saying it or turning you back.   It is a process that has been happening over hundreds if not thousands of years.  We are a part of that process.  Yet somehow we have stepped out of it and started looking at it, screaming in terror as we see what it is actually doing to us or becoming lost in addictions to distract ourselves.  Yet we can’t see the alternative until we have accepted where we are right now.

The alternative is simple.  Yes, we want a new world order, and a one world ‘government’ that unites us regardless of belief and ethnicity.   We all feel the need to over come our differences and move forward in a collaborative instead of a competitive way.  But here is the thing.  As long as we are looking at what 1% of the people are doing to create their own vision of what a new world order should look like that benefits them, we are allowing them to create that vision.  Start looking at what you want it to be, and living by those terms, and soon you will find that there are 99% of the world population wanting the same thing.  That is a far more powerful change in effect than what is desired by the 1%.

The answer is in your focus on you and what world you want to live in, creating it from the point of accepting the reality of where you are now, not your focus on someone else and expecting them to change just because you can see them doing it – they don’t care, they own 95% of the worlds wealth, they want your focus because that will help them to achieve their goals.  They know intrinsically that as long as you are distracted, you are not creating a world that suits you and leaves them to create a world that suits them.  As long as you are stuck they can move forward.

We live in interesting times where we are evolving into a new way of being human, don’t give up you power to someone else to create a world they want, claim your power to create a world you want.

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