The Bashar Time Warp

Darryl Anka channels his future self, Bashar, who belongs to a race of aliens who will be visiting our planet publicly in 2025.  Of course Bashar is not going to be part of the landing crew – he is in the future, silly!

I think I got the the story right there, it can be really complicated to understand the relationship with Bashar in current time.  None the less don’t let this diminish the value of listening to what Bashar has to say.

To be honest, it took many years before I was able to hear Bashar because he is very abrupt, aggressive and challenging.  The tone just didn’t fit with me.  I also found some of the information in terms of aliens and where they are and what they are doing really hard accept – it was just too off the wall for me.

However, in recent years, I have found it less challenging to listen to him and find that his spiritual teaching is very insightful.   He doesn’t mince his words, and one can’t help feeling a bit sorry for some of the people who ask a question and then receive a very blunt answer (also a bit funny when they try to make their excuses and he drives home the point).   I actually think this is great, because at the end of the day, if you seriously want to learn how to live in the flow of the spiritual universe, it will not serve you to make excuses about it.

As for all the alien information, well, people are curious, and I confess that in the last year, I have also become curious.   I can’t tell you it is truth, you have to find your own truth.   Certainly I believe that there seems to have been a rise in sightings, and a huge rise in interest on the subject.  There is always substance where there is smoke.  Either way, Bashar has said that by the end of 2015 we will all know for a fact that aliens are here.  So that will be the end of that discussion.   I would like to point out that in terms of prediction, he is the only one who gave a clear prediction about 9/11 before the event.

Either way, Bashar is an enjoyable listen, the questions are interesting and are of general interest as well as personal, and he answers them all as much as possible.  Take from it what you are ready to take from it, and if you aren’t ready to hear the rest of it, don’t worry about it.   At least you know that a simple search on YouTube will find a question you are asking being answered by Bashar.




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