Multiple Manifestations – Alignment and Focus

Since making the decision to head off down through Africa with my daughter in a sidecar, my head has been spinning with the number of manifestations that have been occurring on this subject.

What this tells me is really important.  I am completely in alignment with my soul on this subject.   That is not to say that the unfolding will be 100% perfect, however, what issues may arise (the first one has already reared its head) are minor in comparison to the over all picture.

The picture here is a journey through Africa, this is in and of its self an enormous task to both plan and execute.    However, the desire to do it is so strong, the feeling of that desire out weighs any other feelings that issues might provoke, indeed, the issues tend to come with solutions all on their own, and need no more than accounting for, the desire to complete the journey will ensure it’s own completion.

This very positive feeling desire provides alignment, the focus provides the maintains the alignment, the alignment takes care of the solution.

There may be times when I don’t feel so positive about it, however, by simply lifting myself up to the broader perspective of the desire, immediately I am reconnecting to the alignment that desire is giving me which allows solutions to come to me that enable the desire to be fulfilled – The manifestations.

If you are finding yourself distracted by issues raised, lifting your focus to the general goal will help you reconnect with the feeling you felt when you first thought of the goal.  If your goal does not inspire a wonderful feeling when you focus on it, then the question must be asked of yourself:   Is this the right goal for me?  What are my issues related to subject of this goal that have to be resolved?

Look for examples in your past of when you have set yourself a goal, and it has been easy to achieve regardless of obstacles that may have presented themselves.   That is your evidence of how this works, and why some goals feel like an arduous task.

Good Luck for 2015 and Hope you have a wonderful year!




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