I Am Water

As my research into my Africa With Autism project deepens, I begin to realise the scale of the challenge I am presenting myself with.  On every level it is going to consume my life over the next two years, and I am excited about it.  The growth potential is going to be immense.

That said, I did want to write another book before leaving.   This book may not happen, however, as I am water and I flow the path of least resistance.   Africa With Autism is my path of least resistance.   So I will endeavor instead, to put my ideas and thoughts into this blog that I have in mind for the book so that it is waiting for me to publish when I get back.  I will have wonderful examples along the way of how allowing myself to flow takes me to conclusions that work out well for me as well as how allowing resistance to manifest, like a rock in the river, works out less well.

The hardest step for any on to take is to let go of the resistance and trust the flow even when you can’t see where it is taking you.   I hope that my stories will help ease this step for you.  Everything in your ability to cope with life is in taking this step of letting go of the resistance.  It is the basis of spirituality teaching.  Just focusing on that alone with out question will leapfrog you into a state of contentment, happiness and well being.    You are water my friend.




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