Wow! This is Really Happening!

Today I had a Christmas lunch with my networking friends in the Athena Network, and naturally started talking about my project ‘Africa with Autism’.  Tracey Richardson, one of the members, happens to be a consultant that matches charities with organisations, and campaign management, so I made a B line for her and had a chat.

She loved the idea, and was immediately giving me suggestions on people I could talk to in terms of planning the trip itself as well the fundraising and steps that need to happen to make it more successful.   Wow, it was amazing.  I felt so supported, and feel like it is a major step to turning this trip into a reality.

I will of course do a blog later on next year so that those of you who would like to do something, and find sponsors can get some idea of how it is done.  First though, I need to go through it myself, and will blog along the way letting you know about the amazing people who are helping me, and of course, the highs and lows that occur along the way.

Watch this space!



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