Change Is Predictable – Change Process Masters

Almost all of our emotional reactions are as a result of change.   To understand this further I dedicated a chapter in my book to it (purchase here), because in our understanding that change is a constant process of life, and what that process is for ourselves, we can begin to own our own power.

In this post I am taking the process of change a step further than I have in the book.  This is the place you come to once you have finally resolved your own emotional response to change, so reading this today, you may understand the words, but you will know them intrinsically as true when you have assimilated this aspect of yourself and started to live change as a natural part of your existence.

Change is a constant, and as our experience of the world dictates the context of our world understanding, so we have come to believe that change on the larger scale happens in a constant, consistent manner.  It has born the theories of evolution, the big bang, planetary changes etc.   We understand that generally there are cycles which occur as part of the constant, but deviations from it we acknowledge as minor hiccups to the constant, and bear witness that the constant remains.

To some degree we perceive our lives to be like this, yet we notice that life sends us a curve balls, the effects of which can linger for many years, depending on our ability to cope with the change.  These changes are so unexpected that we end up spending most of the recovery time simply in shock.   These changes are unexpected because we rely on the theories of the world being in a state of constant predictable change, which of course must apply to us as well.

The world is not in a state of constant predictable change in that context.  The truth is everything in relative, and so we can expect that just as our personal lives can crumble like the flick of a switch, so the world can crumble at the flick of a switch.   Neither you or the world ceases to exist in the process.   But much like the controlled burning of bush land to allow new growth.   So our planet and our personal lives get thrown upside down from time to time so that new growth can occur.

The last time the planet experienced this was the end of the ice age.  The change was so quick and dramatic that entire species were wiped out, and new ones evolved in their place.  Evolution has also shown sudden and dramatic changes in animals that defy linear time of prediction.   All this being said then, you can fully expect another major earth shifting change to happen, or the sudden emergence of a new species.  So in this way you can fully expect that big changes will happen in your personal life.  To know this does not eliminate the initial shock, however, it reduces the shock dramatically because now you know that sudden dramatic change is expected and thus you can predict from where you are right now, sudden dramatic change will happen.

Finding your way to this new perspective is really important to your ability to cope with the state of awareness.   Awareness is not simply a blissful state achieved in meditation.   Awareness is to be a receptor of all information, a processor of that information, and responder to that information in alignment with who you really are.  As your awareness expands so your perspective will grow and change.  Most of the time this will be a consistent progression, sometimes this will be dramatic and sudden, and without the coping awareness in place, the heights of good feeling you achieve will be replaced with equal and opposite.

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