2 responses to “Thought begins and ends with Emotion

  1. Today I’ve started doing Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages, have really enjoyed the exercise, but seeing this straight after has made me realise how emotions drive my thoughts, I had always though it to be the other way round.

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    • I know, and it is so much easier to work with emtion… the fun part is that focusing on what you feel brings you right into the now. What is stopping that is the ‘not accepting’ that you feel and that it is ok to feel what you feel. Once you achieve that self acceptance the emotional energy is immediately transformed. No analysis required. It really is that easy. You only need to practice the focus so it becomes your dominant perspective. 🙂 I didn’t realise at the time what was happening when you regressed me – but now i know it was a major contributor to my gaining this clarity – so much appreciation flowing to you for your wonderful facilitation 🙂


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