Abraham Hicks Spins the Disks

Abraham Hicks is now one of the most prominent speakers on spiritual understanding on the scene at the moment.  Perhaps in large part for their phrase ‘Law of Attraction’ being made famous in the film – ‘The Secret‘.  Even though Abraham was written out of the final edition of the film, many have still found their way to them as a result of it.

Abraham was the only speaker who’s words actually made sense to me when I looked for a perspective on life that would actually help me live it more successfully.   I tried many others, but whilst they were saying much the same thing, I simply couldn’t hear their words.   I put this down in large part to the fact that Esther, who channels Abraham, is so emotionally ‘clear’, allowing the experience of source energy to communicate not just the words.

As Abraham is channeled, this has a tendency to put people off, however, I would argue, it is not the conditions by which information comes to you, it is what the information actually means to you when you hear it that is important.  And whilst there are people, and there will always be people, who show fanatical tendencies towards teachers, it is worth remembering that, certainly in the case of this teacher, there is no demand of the teacher of you what so ever.  You are you are you – be you or not be you, that is up you, because you are already perfect – this teacher is here to answer questions that is all.  And there are many questions and answers available on YouTube.

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