Positives of making Judgement

Today I had an interesting conversation that really highlighted the problem many have with spirituality and it’s double edge sword.

We learn to learn others ideas given to us in books, and rather than understanding the practice involved, tend to repeat it to others if we feel that we agree with what is being said.   Of course, there is nothing really wrong with this, other than it is completely missing the point of experiencing what is being said.

The conversation today was about how people make judgments about what they see superficially of other people, that it was a totally subjective thing, so regardless of what you are trying to portray, the way a person views you or something that represents you, with a set of their assumptions about who you might be based on what they see.

First the conversation went down the path of understanding that really people should learn to accept each other without judgement – to accept that the way they view others is often more about themselves.  This is so true for the majority of people.  However, there is a step beyond that which no-one sees, because they are focusing themselves too much on judgement as a negative thing.

Yes there is a positive aspect to making judgments.   The first being that in taking it as a reflection of yourself, it is one of the most powerful tools in our tool kit in our spiritual development.   As soon as we form a negative judgement about anything at all, we can know immediately that the judgement is telling us about our relationship with ourselves, a knowledge we can then use to transform our self relationship into something even better.

The second positive aspect to making judgments is that, they are fundimental to our social structure as humans.   It is what allows us to be socially mobile.    Often people think social mobility is about money, however, it is only about money if you are stuck in a place of negatively judging people, which, as said before speaks more to your issues than the reality of social mobility.

You will always find poor people who are mixing with the rich, and rich people mixing with the poor.   It is not their money that is attracting them to those social groups, it is their physical vibration (which is being experienced as emotion) – angry will be with angry, snobs will be with snobs, insecure will be with insecure, happy will be with happy.   It will always be like this no matter the bank statement.

It is such an advantage as you live this life experience, because in knowing all this, you know you can choose.   You know that once you let go of the negativity, not only of making judgments, but the negative judgments you make, you will naturally start to experience a life more positive generally, and relationships will become more fulfilling and successful as a match your better physical vibrational state.


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