Revelation (I Love My Body Part 3)

As my journey continues with becoming aware of my actual physical experience, I have become aware that there is a sensation in the mouth that is a driver to my eating.   Not my stomach.  My poor stomach at this point in time is completely abused as the sensation in my mouth drives everything I ingest, when, and how much.

As I have allowed the universe to work out the timing of things, it was then the perfect time for me to sit down with my nutritionist friend armed with my new awareness, having both canceled previous dates to meet up.

As we chat over coffee she begins to talk about how sugar has a sour after taste that causes us to eat more sugar, or sugar based food like pasta, bread and other uncomplicated carbohydrates which are immediately converted into sugars as we chew them.

It was like a revelation moment for me!  Like I had been in the dark in terms of key information about how the body works, and suddenly someone had switched on the light.  Suddenly it all started to make so much sense to me.

For me, in the first instance, I simply want to become aware of what is going on with my body.   To learn why I behave in a way that works against my own body’s natural state of perfect.   As with everything, it takes two to tango, I put sugar based food in my mouth, 10 minutes late my mouth is saying it wants something to change the sour feeling in my mouth, so I immediately take in more sugar out of ignorance and lack of awareness of what is actually going on.

I am talking as though ‘I’ and my body, are two separate entities, and in a way, they are.   The ‘I’ is my soul, which I experience as emotion in my body, my body is the physical manifestation through which my soul gets to experience this life.

Much like a car – ‘I’ am driving the car.  I am using my physical body to drive the car, but neither ‘I’ or my physical body are the car, rather the car becomes a physical extension of the physical body.   Yet without ‘I’ and my physical manifestation, the car will not move, if I don’t fill it with petrol, it will have not energy, and if I don’t service it regularly it will break down.   At no point am ‘I’ or my physical body actually the car.   In the same way, the soul drives the body.  The soul (‘I’) is not the physical body, rather the physical body is an extension of the soul.

In this perspective, life becomes much easier to be aware of, easier change, easier improve.

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