Everything is Working Out Perfectly

It would be easy for me to say that you don’t need to worry about anything, that you are fully supported by the Universe/God, who is always giving you what you need when you need it, but what does that actually mean anyway?

One of the common maladies that people are experiencing today, is stress.  Stress born from the need to control everything in their lives in linear time.  The concept that there is another way, or an other force at work supporting us, has been lost, and when things do just happen to fall into place, the credit is given to pure chance.

Underneath however, somewhere deep inside of us, when things do work out for us, we are acknowledging that there was something more at work than pure chance.  Yet we don’t go there and ask what it is or why, because we have now limited ourselves to believing purely in our 5 senses, and fear that if we believe we have more, that we might be crazy.

Its ok to be a little crazy though, to examine our experience and ask why sometimes things work out really well, and why sometimes it just feels like a struggle staying up to speed.   In pausing and having this reflection you will be giving yourself a chance to realise one very important thing.  That there is something more to life than our 5 physical senses, and that it is supporting us when we let go of certain conditions.

One of those conditions is linear time.  That thing we wanted, that appeared so easily and quickly into our experience, came because we didn’t put a time condition on it.  We simply wanted it, it felt good to want it in the moment of the thought, then thought about it no further, whilst the feeling about the subject stayed on an unconscious level.   Suddenly that thing you wanted to experience appears in your life easily.

Another aspect of this is that in awareness of linear time, we want to get things done, and stress about the time we have to do it.  For example, I know that I have a lunch meeting today, but I have a many things to do, and I may well be late.  In letting go of the clock and trusting that all is working out well for me, not only do I get everything done, but when I am late for the lunch meeting, I discover that the person I was meeting was also late.   All is well.

What I am discribing is the being in alignment with the universe/god.  It is alignment, because I know that it is taking care of all the timing of everything, and matching events, experiences and things perfectly.  I don’t need to control it, I don’t want to control it because in trying to control something that is already taken care of, would only cause me stress and thus me getting in the way of it happening perfectly for me.

The evidence is constantly there once we allow ourselves to see it, and the more we let go of time, the more things we want will come into our lives, which makes us feel good.  The more good feelings we feel the more we line ourselves up for more that we want.  Personally, I think that is something worth pursuing, and now I can confidently say – Life is always working out well for me.

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