Ralph Smart : Diving Deep

On occasion I will watch Infinite Waters(Diving Deep) Channel on YouTube.  It is run by Ralph Smart, who has really started picking up in popularity, and this is no surprise – what a great guy.  Every time I listen/watch him, I feel that little bit more cheery about life.

It’s more than that though.   I get the feeling that he is in earnest about helping people, and is really trying to carve himself a niche in this crowded market, and hats off to him.   He really brings a interesting perspective to the mix, with a wonderful positive energy that makes you feel like the sun is always shining.  He has written a book to boot, though I have no read it yet – once my own is out there, I will have more time to do so (it will be soon!)

For me, the only down side about Ralph is that he has not spiritually connected himself enough to have ‘experienced’ some of the answers he is giving – this shouldn’t necessarily be a problem for anyone though, as it is clear that he researches thoroughly, and where he doesn’t naturally have the answers, he is articulating them extremely well from his sources.

Good luck to Ralph, the more cheery, passionate and centered teachers we have out there, the better 🙂




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