There Is No Such Thing as Subconscious Thought

It is the prevailing belief that we have subconscious thoughts, hidden in the depths of our brain somewhere, controlling everything that we do.   This is understandable in a linear mindset where one thing must follow another, and as there appears to be a point of awareness where we are no longer able to hear our thoughts, then the rest must be in there somewhere, unreachable, elusive, evasive even.

The biggest, most powerful, shift you can make in your understanding of who you are in this world is to understand that there is no such thing as subconscious thought, only unconscious feeling.  Your thoughts will always follow what you are feeling.  Your thoughts are a translation of what you are feeling.  If you are not aware of what you are feeling, then in most cases it is your thoughts that will give you the clue.  It is your feelings that are vibrating within you that are taking you towards experiences that not only maintain that feeling, but will increase the strength of that feeling over time.

It is a long road to then change what you are thinking, and inevitably regression will always be a risk in the future.   It is much easier to become aware of what you are feeling and simply accept it as where you are right now.  Your acceptance of it will allow that feeling to transform from one that you don’t want to one that is pleasurable.

So those of you trying to become aware of all your thoughts, deleting thoughts, analyzing thoughts, you can now just take a deep breath, just notice what they are doing, focus on what you are feeling, and set an intention that you want to feel good, relaxed and easy about life.  Once you make those feelings dominant, they will bring you experiences that reinforce them and make them stronger.

Isn’t life wonderful!   It is so easy!


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