Philosophy in Art: Jaques Derrida

A group of us were given a task to research and present the philosopher, Jaques Derrida (1930 – 2004).  So we thought we would have a bit of fun and record our conversation as we tried to make sense of deconstructionism, post structuralism, structuralism, binary-opposition etc.   Even remembering Derrida’s name became lost in the ‘making sense’ of the philosophy.

As an art presentation, we have a group of people trying to make sense of a complex philosophy with new terminology they have not heard before.  The setting can be heard to have other people in the room, giving a busy atmosphere in contrast to the thoughtful conversation.  Does this environment contribute to the confusion of the conversation?  Each person in the conversation has researched alone and come to the conversation with completely different perspectives, yet as group are able to bring all those perspectives together to create this recorded piece.  Even the interjection of one of the group commenting on the validity of the piece, adds to the collective result of co-operation.




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