Looking for External Compensation

Addictions come in many forms, be it an addiction to feeling certain emotions, or addictions to taking into out body something that is external.   In fact for the second to exist, the first must exist, and in those cases the underlying cause is the feeling of not being supported.

In this post, I am focusing on the this second type of addiction specifically, because it can be so subtle that many can go through their lives not even realising that they are even doing it.  Whilst it could be argued it can’t be that bad if you can’t see it, I would generally agree, however, if it is truly important to you to feel and be the best you can, then this is an important step in your self awareness.

Most of us when we think of addiction we think of the obvious, particularly drugs (nicotine, alcohol etc.).  Yet a person can be addicted to certain foods, from the common to the obscure, and life styles.   Yet they all have one thing in common, and that is the need to compensate for something that we can’t deal with emotionally and feel the need to lean on something to support us.

The most common addiction that afflicts most in the western world is sugar.   In fact, it is probably the biggest  gateway ‘drug’ as cravings, not recognised, will lead to the increased use other addictive substances, particularly alcohol and nicotine.

Another common addiction is the lifestyle addiction, which can manifest in several ways.  First is the s survival life style, the most counter productive, and involves unhealthy food and alcohol.  Whilst many can function with jobs, they are constantly hanging onto life by a thread and feel vulnerable.  At the opposite extreme would be the person who is over fastidious about health, they are too hanging on by a thread, but the thread (in this case their body) is ‘unclean’ in someway, and so they are constantly trying to purify it.  To focus on health should be an easy relaxed subject, not one involving stress.  Yet another lifestyle addiction is order, making sure that everything, and everybody, has their place and stays there.  Insecurity is the basis of this and any change is seen as a threat.

Life style addictions are not limited to the examples above, or manifest only in extremes.   Yet can be easily identified by the feeling of ‘need’ and the subsequent stress felt if the lifestyle has not been met.   A happy lifestyle does not involve ‘need’ it just happens naturally, where health and order feels easy.  When one is unhealthy or disordered, it is merely an indication of the imbalance felt at that time, which, as a result of awareness, is easily redressed.  You are happier because you are available to, and now experiencing, so much more in your life than just the myopic needs of an addiction, and that is what you came into this life for – the experiences.


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