Russell Brand (ing?)

You can’t really go far these days in general media before bumping into Russell Brand – either being heralded by alternative media, or being ridiculed by mainstream media.  So big his splash into the political/spiritual debate, it was brought up in a recent lecture where the tutor felt the need to express an opinion in order to influence the young minds listening.

So how can I not wade in with my perspective on the Brand? 🙂

Personally, I have a lot of respect for the man, something I never thought I would say 10 years ago.   Whatever his journey has been, he has done what everyone should do, and that is identify subjects of interest and self educate.   Identifying your own personal perspective of this world, and the way it is, is perhaps the most powerful thing you can do for yourself.  Just accepting what is fed through mainstream media (what ever the subject), is giving your power away and, through ignorance, complicit in those things that that power is being used for.  Be it propagation of fear and ignorance, or the imperialist foreign policy of the US, or the continued inequality be it social, racial or sexual.

I love that the Brand is using his media presence to inspire and educate people, and it is wonderful to see someone who is passionate about his informed perspective.  We need more people like that and as a spiritual teacher in that respect, I hope he continues his good work and continues raising those obvious questions that so many people are trying to ignore.

The Brand, however, doesn’t have a huge destiny in the scheme of things, as things stand today, more a commentator, an observer, a questioner (not person with answers), so I think those who are afraid that he might be PM one day can sleep well 🙂 .  He doesn’t have the leadership spirit, and I suspect, he has no real desire for it.  So whatever the media is saying to ridicule him or the alternative media is saying to put him on a pedestal, I think they have it all wrong.   I think they should take him more seriously in what he actually represents, as he will make it into the history books of social change.


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