Panache Desai Saving Souls

Ok – so the title is a little flippant, perhaps because I’m a little jealous 🙂  Here is a man with the same message as myself, offering said message from a different perspective.  As I understand it he has been on Oprah, and that is what has kicked off his career and got him a publishing deal – I am going to buy the book after writing this post.

What I will say is that he seems to just be very authentic.  Smiles perhaps a little too much, but then I do that as well when I am talking about these concepts because it makes me feel good to talk about them.

At this point I am still in curiosity mode, so will come back with a more definitive opinion of him at a later date and perhaps review his book.  The review given in the following YouTube clip certainly encourages me to go out and buy it – so I’m excited.

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