What Happened to Jessica Schab?

I have to say, off the bat, I like Jessica Schab.  The first time I saw her was on a YouTube video interview with Project Camalot, and whilst young and naive, she clearly had a heart of gold and a natural knowing regarding life and how to live it.  I suspect it was for this reason that saw her being picked up by the spiritual community, who couldn’t seem to hear enough of her.

Yet, somehow, this has all changed.  I don’t follow her blog, but the story seems to go something like this:  Jessica did not enjoy seeing people professing to be spiritual teachers, who couldn’t practice what they preached.  She dropped out of the scene and met an Italian guy (did she meet him before dropping out?).  This guy seems to have issues all of his own regarding spirituality, whether it be religion or  new age, and seeks to denounce them all as bad/wrong/brainwashing, whilst he is the only person who can lead you to the light.

I have no idea how Jessica has fallen for this rather superficial character, who, on listening to an example of one of his ‘coaching’ sessions, is clearly using NLP hypnosis techniques to influence the ‘client’.   Did he hypnotize Jessica?   I am sure he thought he lucked in nabbing Jessica with her established following, however, I am certain that is now steadily dropping off now, and when he is done with her, I am sure he will seek someone else to serve him and cast Jessica aside.

The wonderful part of this however, is that Jessica will have had some real life experience under her belt that will require all of her spiritual grounding to realise.   Once tried and tested with this experience, and perhaps others that come her way, I suspect she will be a powerful voice in the future.  So for now, I will continue to keep an eye on her progress, and wish her luck in her life journey.




17 responses to “What Happened to Jessica Schab?

  1. She’s calling people out on their sh*!, that’s good. But she is telling the world what it NEEDS to do/be as if people don’t have their own valid path in life and she knows their answers and what is best for them. I don’t like that too much. She is more than calling out Teal Swan, it’s as if she has a vendetta. Teal is controversial and has some mental illnesses she admits to so that’s just par, but she says a lot of the same things Teal is bringing up as in transparency, honesty, allowing all parts of the human being, etc. And vendettas are never attractive, Teal gives a lot of good insights to the people who learn from her. That being said, I am sure there is some funky stuff that goes on in that camp given Teal is borderline personality disorder among other things. Does the message have to come through only the pure and saintly? I think not, that is Dogmatic BS. Just my opinion. Jessica seems to have people’s best interest at heart. Perhaps she forgot her reality is also a projected holographic movie…

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    • I completely agree with you. I hope Jessica sorts herself out – I believe that she will, I think she is just got herself into a bad crowd. We all have our experiences, and I suspect the best teachers tend to live in the extremes of that. 🙂

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  2. I’ve stopped listening to her videos/blog ecetera…something is just “off” now. I find her constant slander of new age teachers distasteful and untruthful. And the whole “Teal obsession”(which I sense is based largely in unconscious jealousy)…I’m glad other people are seeing through that as well.

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    • Well something has upset her – whether it is the wrong company or something else. Either way I send her positive vibes to give her strength to find herself again. We all have our moments in life – and that’s ok it is how we grow 🙂


  3. Jessica has intelligence and ability to think independently and creatively. She has published an excellent book of poetry called “Soul Archeology” which I helped out on as a part-time editor. She has rather fallen for Diego Fontaniv’s world view and philosophy so much that she merely parrots and reposts his numerous and ongoing writings, and strange surreal artwork that is not him painting, but pasting all kinds of things together with spaceships, teddy bears, landscapes, symbolic structures, fanciful creatures, etc. I keep waiting for Jessica Elisha Sadie Schab to break his molds, however she is enamored of them now, and demonstrate once again her own unique and stimulating ideas. And I hope she finds her missing brother Forrest, or at least discovers what happened to him. She does not like me anymore, but I hold no grudges, and she has inspired me in many ways. Diego is only one stage in her growth in my estimation, and she may surprise us all.

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    • I think she will – she is a tougher cookie than she knows right now.
      After seeing the post on her fb and reading the comments – it seems highly likely that she doesn’t control her account, that it is diego posting on it. Hence the monotonous consistency of his work. Would be good to see her own her identity again at least.
      Sorry to hear you have lost a friend.


    • Agreed. Diego is running his own agenda, badly. It will be interesting when she finally wakes up out of this stage. I can also see her being a strong voice of the future, her interview living off the abundance of joy was a big part of my awakening (along with the ringing cedars of Russia recommended by her).


    • Agreed. Diego is running his own agenda, badly. It will be interesting when she wakes up out of this stage. I can also see her being a strong voice of the future, her interview living off the abundance of joy was a big part of my awakening (along with the ringing cedars of Russia recommended by her).


  4. what i feeeel – something is ‘off’
    Something doesnt feeeel quite right.
    Even if she now feels different about all the spirituality stuff, why does it feeeel like its not her but someone else speaking.
    i feeeel she has stepped into his life and just repeating him constantly….not even putting it out in HER own words
    You can grow, change, mature, realise, change thought, look at others perspective, gain truth and more but shouldnt the YOU still be there.
    At the moment it feeeels like the HER is not there..it almost feels like a brainwash/control..or she is so inlove and cant see whats happening.
    I must say though, both their comments on facing our fears for what they are and not allowing those fears to hold us back in life- i do agree with that part.
    BUt it doesnt mean everything else is crap.
    I actually had a wonderful dream experience with Jessica in it (before her change) and it was amazing.
    I had, for the very first time, gone on her old website and read where she said if requested she can come into your dreams and assist….so without thinking much (but had a good feeling) and in my excitment i made the request right away…well…that very night YES she came to me in my dream and explained things and whom she was and her task on the planet and how we all should be more childlike- innocent hearts…it was an amazing dream.
    I woke excited and emailed her about it and she responded.

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    • “I must say though, both their comments on facing our fears for what they are and not allowing those fears to hold us back in life- i do agree with that part.”
      Concerning all the true things the pair says, consider this line of thought from Žižek and Lacan: “We deceive the Other by means of the truth itself; in a universe in which all are looking for the true face beneath the mask, the best way to lead them astray is to wear the mask of truth itself.”

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      • All spiritual teaching and psychology talk about over comung fear…. they just appropriating.
        As for truth and masks … who cares if the other person is wearing a mask? Only the person wearing a mask, who believes they are fake, considers the question of whether or not the other person is decieving with truth.
        In learning your own personal truth, discovering your own authenticity, the thruth of others is no longer a question… you already know what it is both yours and others.


  5. I also agree. I was watching this video and it hurt inside to see these people so against faith, almost ANY faith, but it hit me really hard when I saw Jessica. She needs to overcome this challenge in her life to finally grow because, yes, she could be a powerful speaker to help and motivate people towards being their greatest selves (: . I even watched videos of her on YouTube and I still get that really weird or almost bad feeling when I see her or hear her talk. I do, however, feel that she is not in control of this. This isn’t her…

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  6. I had views similar to some of yours, but I have to say that I likeed Jessica Schab until I realized she didn’t actually believe in anything she said during the Project Camelot interview (and she says so now herself). Instead, she posed, superficially, as a spiritual person she never was. And she found the one who was exactly like her but had guts to show his true self to the world without regard for consequences to his reputation. I’ve read all of Schab’s journal entries concerning her conversion to this Fontanivism. He taught her to not be afraid of showing her true self and to be forward in expressing anti-social behavior. Now, as I’ve found through emails with her, she opposes any kind of enlightenment. She also writes that love is fear and people are nothing (which, albeit sounding paradoxical, only strengthens her selfish and rebellious nature by following the vein of Heraclitean misanthropism). Schab and Fontanive were both inspired, of all things, by the satanical/gnostic ‘documentary’ The Pharmacratic Inquisition. Thus, don’t be sure that he would ‘cast Jessica aside,’ since they are in love with themselves, realizing how similar they actually are. Not all these young people in the New Age are so trustworthy, after all. But in some of the commenters hope will surely die last concerning her true nature.

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    • Finding our inner truth is always a tricky thing. What i do believe is that – for everyone- is that thruth is always a loving one. If a person like Jessica pursues a different path it is a demonstration of personal struggle. I think he has taken advantage of that…. he has a struggle himself but it is far more vindictive and self serving and it is likely- as it often is with fucked up men- they think being that way is all there is that they can’t change or they too afraid of what change brings. So he focuses on ego and Jessica was a prime target.

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