Love/Hate Teal Swan

Oh! how we love to love, and love to hate, Teal Swan.  Yet why is this?  What is it about Teal that gets us all up in arms, and yet at the same time engrossed in what she has to say?

I think for me, and many watching/reading/listening to her, we simply just don’t know what to make of her, and this is not made any easier by her.  I feel like every interview I have seen she has a different ‘talent’ be it healer, psychic, alien, or spiritual teacher.  Or course, I suspect that in the process of becoming Mrs Swan, that this will, over time, be tidied up.   We shall see.  There is also the story of abuse that she touts around like a banner where ever she goes – is it true or false?

It is not for me to decide all the answers to these questions, I can only comment on what I feel about her, and it goes something like this:  Teal is clearly a very deep thinker and speaks many truths eloquently, however, has some ego issues which make her untrustworthy.   I think this will be a defining factor for her, as she is likely to use any means necessary to gain the fame and fortune she desires.

Below is the best interview of her yet where she is questioned regarding these points, but the answers are left open ended and at the end of the day only you can decide.


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