Spiritual Review

I am now adding a new section to this blog called ‘Spiritual Review’, because there is so much content out there, and whilst I don’t see all of it, what I do see, sometimes I feel needs some sort of comment.

Of course this is only my perspective, but I would like to think that it is fairly balanced in view of my interest, and involvement, with the subject.  As such, I am hoping that it becomes an avenue that causes readers to think a little more deeply about the content they are seeing, and become discerning about how they use it.  To navigate the various messages being sold, and be aware that not every message whilst interesting, is worth spending the life savings on.

Please feel free to comment, argue, be happy or upset, with my words.  All of it is of value not only to myself but to those who may be interested in learning alternative view points.

The first post will be on, the inevitably contentious subject, Teal Swan, which will be posted later today.

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