Finding Your Own Process

I make bones about the fact that I am not going to provide processes, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use processes, if they suit you, to achieve your goal.  However, you have to be careful that when you are using a process that it feels easy for you.  Too often people dive into a process from the perspective of effort and forcing change.  This has limited success.  Even in the highly acknowledged tool of CBT can have varying effects depending on how much forcing is actually taking place.

In my previous post ‘The Next Logical Step’ I have discovered a process that suits me and is easy, so much so, that I feel the and appreciate the ease of it, which is a wonderful wave to ride when applying a change in your life.

What is important about discovering an easy process to use, is to take your time about knowing what it is you want.  This is important, because you will only achieve real long term success if you are inspired from a positive feeling.  You will note that I spent the summer letting go of negative reactions to my body so that I could accept it as it was and take ownership of it.

By simply making the subject of discomfort one of ease, I was able to be open to real ideas of what I actually wanted – In this case it is a healthy, fit body.  I don’t want ‘thin’, and I don’t want to conform, rather I want what is best for my experience of my body.  To be honest, I don’t really know what that is going to look like, and I’m not really concerned.  I am only aware that I want something that is different, better, and that it feels good to want that.

Once that decision was made from a positive place about my body, I was inspired to stand on the scales to get started, and the universe has dropped in my lap the perfect tool for me to achieve it.  This tool may not work for everyone so I can’t subscribe it and say that it will work for you 100%, however, it is a lovely example of how you can find your way to your perfect process that will make change easy for you.

Remember life is actually easy if you get out of the way and allow it to happen for you as you observe and decide what it is you actually want from an positive feeling place.

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