The Next Logical Step (I Love My Body! part 2)

Following on from my previous post ‘I Love My Body!’ I have now come to a whole new place on the subject of my body.

Recently I have been away on a cruise and as the weeks go by since my return, so friends have been posting pictures in FaceBook.   I have to say, that whilst my general self image was hugely improved, seeing pictures of me without emotive eyes, without judgement, was like being dowsed with a bucket of cold water!   Whilst there are few body shots, really they weren’t needed, the double chin and dimples on the arms where enough to highlight the general issue, no matter how comfortable I was feeling.   I also noticed, having put on a kilo or two on the cruise itself, that I had now entered a whole new world of ‘fat’ where the pressure on my bladder was such that the ‘ladies room’ was becoming a frequent feature in my life.

Of course I could feel bad about these things I am noticing, guilt spread thickly on my toast like chocolate spread, however, I stayed in this place of increasing discomfort with my increasing awareness of what I did not want and waited for the next logical step to come from an inspired place.

Sure enough, earlier this week, I took it.  I wasn’t particularly thinking about my weight at the time, yet as I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom, curiosity got the better of me and I stood on the scales, something I had not done in years.   The information that flowed in through my eyes was shocking.  The heaviest I had ever been.  All that fear over the past few years had become manifest.  Only this time I did not respond with anxiety at the information – shock yes, naturally so, I had never imagined that I would let it go this far, no matter how much I had been enjoying creating over the course of this year.

The following day I happened to meet a friend who is amoungst other things a nutritionist, so booked and appointment.  She in turn started to speak about how she was going to use my ‘easy’ perspective in teaching me about nutrition.  It was such a good conversation that for several days I pondered my desire of ‘ease’ and the subject of weight.

The universe is such a wonderful friend, as it was a couple of days later on the train with nothing to do that I found an app on my phone that helped with weight goals and exercise.  This then took me to another app specifically about food, calories and exercise.  It was like perfection falling into my lap!  Allowing me to be completely passive about diet and exercise, this app positively encouraged one to be laid back on the subject.  All it requires is that you log what you eat and exercise you do (it calculates the calories) and helps you by setting easy targets and setting easy little tasks to do each day and congratulates you on being so wonderful for just taking the time to switch it on and stay with it.

Well now I’m in self awareness weight loss heaven, and really it takes absolutely no time out of my day to do it.  Yes, I was thinking a little more about what I was buying at the supermarket today, but only because one day of input into the app it was abundantly clear that my biggest problem is simply eating too much.  To change that I just felt that changing what I eat would be a good starting point.  I am also weighing the food I am eating so that I can get a better idea of calorie values of certain foods so I can then start making a more informed decision about the things I am choosing to eat.

Oh!  it is so simple and easy!  I am loving it!

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