Following Your Inspiration

Many times you will hear me say and many other teachers, that one should follow their inspiration.   What does this mean though and how do we know when we are actually following inspiration rather than just doing what we were doing anyway?

The easiest way to describe the following of inspiration is to allow yourself to just follow what you want to do and not resist it with thoughts of what you should be doing.  Another way of putting it is to say that every action that is taken is completely easy and natural.

A wonderful example of this happened to me recently when I was on the cruise boat.   I woke in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.  I wanted to be asleep, that is what I should be doing, but I was laying there wide awake not sleeping.   So I decided that I would go out on deck and enjoy the wind and waves. It seemed like a much better idea than just laying there not sleeping which would eventually become frustrating.

As I arrived on deck there was one other person there who I knew in passing so said hi and walked over to banister to watch the bow wave.   A few minutes later he joined me and started talking.   It turned out that he had questions and was looking for clarity about the seminar that had taken place the previous day.  So I helped him by giving him more detail.   For my part, I had been in a state of confusion about the seminar – the clarity given had been my clarity and I wasn’t sure if that meant something regarding the book and whether to publish or not.  In helping this guy I gained clarity on this issue that yes I am meant to publish, that I have nothing to worry about.

In this example, the inspiration was a flow of ideas and events.   I was inspired to wake up, I allowed my inspiration by not laying there but to go outside.  I was inspired to go to a specific part of the boat.   I was inspired to allow conversation to develop and help this person in their clarity.   In following my inspiration I received my own clarity on a subject that was bothering me.   The conversation ended naturally and I went back to bed and fell asleep immediately.

This was a perfect unfolding where every action involved absolutely no effort; where two people met as a result and gain enormous benefit from the meeting because following inspiration always works out well for you.

Of course, this is a positive story, however, it is a story of how feeling good and following inspiration working out well.   When we are unhappy in our lives and inspiration is followed with unawareness, it can take you towards something that is not so positive in feeling.  Or so it will appear.   If you gain awareness you can see that inspiration is always a positive in out come; that the accident you were inspired towards for example, resulted in meeting someone that is important to your life.  The accident happened because it was the only way in your unhappy state that the universe could bring that person into your life.

So it is extremely beneficial to you to focus on how you are feeling and feeling good as often as possible.  Inspirational events become a pleasure rather than a pain, are easy to appreciate and enhance well being, become inspirational in themselves in that you want to give and take more from the universe.




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