Coping with Anxiety & Depression

In order to gain clarity about depression, one must first be clear that depression is a diagnosis based on irrational negative thought processes – ‘thought’ being the operative word.  Whilst feelings like tiredness, apathy etc. play into the diagnosis, rarely does one think of what a person is feeling when depressed, rather associating the word depression to negative thinking.

Obviously there is nothing wrong with this, but to be more clearer still, what is thought comes from what is felt and lack of awareness of either (thought or feeling) results in the downward spiral into depression and even suicide for those that can no longer cope.  Most treatments for depression are focused on changing the way a person ‘thinks’ either with affirmation based processes and/or pharmaceutical assistance.   What ever helps to get the client into a ‘positive frame of mind’

However, whilst these work to varying degrees, it requires a lot of effort on the part of the sufferer and can take some time to actually achieve a result where they can not only function with stability in society, but maintain that stability for the rest of their lives.   Whilst people who have suffered depression hate the conclusion from people that they are now more at risk of suffering it again, the truth is that in this current modality of treatment, they are.

To understand your own level of anxiety and depression, observe your thoughts – the more you are thinking and focusing on life around you, the more anxiety you are experiencing – every noticed how happy just don’t think very much, don’t see much that is wrong, always observing what is going well?

Once you have started to notice that you are thinking, start to notice what you are feeling.  It is what you are feeling and your power to change it that the power really lies.   What are you feeling right now, right now, right now.   It will require some effort to get your mind to actually focus on what you are feeling right now in this moment – it will try to fly away, like a frightened bird, which is ok, keep coaxing in back to noticing what are you feeling right now.  Once you are aware of what you are feeling right now (don’t analyse it or be specific with labels) just allow yourself to feel it in this now moment (even if it is painful, it will not kill you – just allow yourself to feel it and be ‘with it’ right now), and then ask yourself ‘now what?’  and catch the inspiration to where ever it takes you, which is always a better place than where you are right now.

The conditioning is to fight against what we feel – it is the fighting that causing the even worse feeling and the more obsessive thinking.  In fact, depression can be classified as the loosing of the battle against emotions.  So let the fight go, let the emotions win and learn to ride them.

I promise you – once you have mastered this – you will never suffer from depression/stress/extreme anxiety ever again.  This is the tool you were born with by which to guide you through your life.  Love it, appreciate it – feel the ‘it’ being you serving you in the most abundantly loving way that you can be certain that it will always work out for you every single time.

You are your own Prophet video:  click here



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