My Daughter Died of Cancer When She Was 3

I happened to be sitting on deck one morning when a man asked me what the Abraham Hicks group was all about.  There was a man still drunk from the night before sitting next to him who immediately perked up with interest.

Keeping it simple, I replied that we were wanting what every one wants – to be happy – and learning to do it in a conscious way so that we can attract experiences that we want (Law of Attraction was lost on them – Birds of a feather stick together hit home though)

The drunk man launched into questions about depression and suicide and out of that came the other mans anguish over loosing his daughter.  He could not come to terms with the idea that life was such a privilege that at the end of one there should be celebration.  I explained to him that really there is no death of the soul, it continues to exist and be conscious.  That for our soul to focus into this physical form is restrictive and so at death there is a huge feeling of relief for the soul as it is released from the restriction.

Still he couldn’t relate to this, so I went ahead and (offering correction if I was wrong) pointed out that during his grief he would have had moments of feeling overwhelming relief only to bang it down with guilt, because in our current society we view positive feelings regarding death as bad.   He confirmed this, so I explained to him that that was his daughters gift to him, letting him feel what she felt in death, letting him know that she was ok.  Yet still struggling with it, I forced the issue,  I asked him what he thought she was feeling now – not what he was feeling.

At this point it was like a penny dropped for him.   Suddenly he realised that it wasn’t his place to experience her death, it was her experience and it wasn’t the bad thing he was experiencing on her behalf, it was a good thing that she was experiencing right now in every moment.

Someone who saw this person regularly reported a week later that over the following days they noticed a profound change in the man as the burden lifted from him.

What a privilege for me to have been able to help him move and shift his perspective, and to feel the joy of his daughter as I walked away from him letting him know that that is what she was feeling in that moment.




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