Resisting Change – The process in action

These past couple of weeks I’ve been on a cruise with Abraham Hicks, which as always is the best self awareness therapy a person can have.  Not so much because of the seminars themselves, but for the experience of allowing and accepting that everything that happens is a direct reflection of personal vibration, which can be hard in day to day life as events stream past and we just get on with it sometimes with out awareness.

The wonderful thing for me personally was that everything I have been writing about here in this blog and will be in the book (now running a month late!) was being spoken about by Abraham for the first time. (Was Esther receiving information from my source?).  This was a huge confidence boost for me as I was aware, and perhaps the reason for the delay on the book, that much of what I was writing and speaking about had not existed before.

Wonderful!   you might hear, but interestingly I entered into a state of resistance about it.  The mild buzzy little stress appeared and to be honest I wasn’t sure what was causing it at the time.  So I just waited and watched what my thoughts where doing as a reflection of the stress, and then watched the feeling change as I accepted and transmuted the stress to see what feeling came forward in the positive.

What I have realised, as this took a few days, was that fundamentally I have changed as a result of hearing my words being spoken by someone else.  My body in response to the change went into resistance of it and my thoughts reflected this by becoming irritable and looking for fault.  As I accepted the ‘now’ of how I felt, I could feel the complete confidence and knowing of my purpose in life and the clarity of which being so exhilarating that I could do nothing but bask in it until the nagging anxiety returned.

Change is the process here and in my total awareness of it, I am now allowing myself to experience it fully – from anxiety to exhilaration back to anxiety etc.   It is ok that this what it is for me as a process right now and I am in a total state of appreciation that I have found the self awareness to experience it fully.   Without that awareness, I would become stuck in the stress and manifest the worst post holiday blues ever!  I am also in appreciation for the Abraham experience provided by Esther Hicks, because through it source has given me something so magnificent that in years to come I know I will look back and know that this cruise was a major turning point.  I love that source is supporting me so completely and lovingly and unconditionally!




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