I LOVE my body!!!

I’m a practise what I preach kinda gal – and my focus lately has been on my body.   At the beginning of every summer I start an exercise regime, loose a bit of weight then over winter not only am I putting the weight back on but I put a couple of kilos on for good measure.  As this has played out over the last few years, my personal body image has been really declining as well.

Aware that this is not a positive path I set out the intention last year to work on this.   The Universe replied to this by making it impossible to start the regime this year so that the only thing I could focus on was my personal feelings about my body.   So over the last few months I have been observing my body.  My starting point being that when I was 20 I actually liked my body generally – there where a few things I could find to change, but that wasn’t my dominant relationship with it rather it was a positive relationship and felt good.   So I started off with appreciating that body because that is the same body I have now, so it was a small step for me to shift my perspective and very quickly I was noticing how my body today with all the extra layering still had those aspects about it that it had 20 years ago.   A bit more voluptuous, but still the same general shape that was pleasing to me.   I started to notice in the mirror those pleasing aspects and would allow myself to start to feel that same body confidence that I had when I was 20.

In the last week or so, that feeling of appreciation has really rooted in, I look at my body and I feel my body at the same time in a very pleasing positive way.  Yesterday, I was with a friend I hadn’t seen in a week, she asked me if I had been starving myself because it looked like I had lost weight.   Well in truth I’ve not weighed myself,  I know eating habits haven’t changed, yet I know it is entirely possible that I have lost weight, because as my vibration starts to dominate those around me on this subject of my body, I know that they see what I see – A wonderful body that actually hasn’t changed since I was 20 years old, that is still beautiful, attractive, and vital and no amount of fat storage can possibly hide that.

It is now from this wonderful emotional place that I have practised into my emotional reality, that not only am I constantly feeling pure appreciation from my actual physical experience with in this body, but that what ever happens now to my body will be the next logical step for it what ever it might be.   More weight, less weight, illness, wellness, it is all a beautiful thing, because this body, is still that same body it will always be regardless of the journey it takes through this physical world with me.


Think of a car that you buy.   When you buy it you love that car, you love it so much that you form an emotional attachment to it and don’t want to sell it.    Over time however, things happen and you patch up, but at some point the fix ups become over whelming and you feel the overwhelm every time you look at.   So you want a new car and as you come into this realisation you realise that you have no money to buy a new car, so you keep looking at the old car feeling more an more overwhelmed.   Then one day you realise, that the car you are looking at is still the same car that you bought all those years ago, that no amount of rust or scratches has changed the general features of the car.   Now you suddenly feel that you have found a whole new relationship with your car and all those things that over whelmed you no longer seem to matter so much, because you are now sitting in the same car that you bought, and it still serves you as well as the car you bought.   Now you are falling in love with your car all over again.  Suddenly new solutions and fixes start to manifest with out you even noticing as the car now starts to change to meet the emotional vibration that you are holding for it which is what it looks like at its best.


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