Meaningfull Interactions in Relationships

Relationships are core to our experience as humans and their are many different ways that we can experience relationships and none of which are wrong.  Rather we need to have these experiences to learn how to do relationships best, so that each interaction we have becomes a fulfilling experience of sharing energy to mutual benefit.

This is possible when you let go of your focus on that aspect of your life.  When you decide to let people be who they are and decide to allow your focus be on ‘being’ you and doing things that you do best and make you feel good.  In doing this interacts will begin to come to you that will meet and support the needs of your focus on you.  As the interactions take place, without controlling them, you will find yourself gaining new perspectives on things in your focus that will help you move towards those things that you want.

It isn’t a case of discussing your focus in detail and gaining opinions or approval, it’s a case of being in a mutual energetic interaction that feels good where ever it takes you.   Don’t control it, don’t define it, don’t analyse it, just be who you are in your focus and it will work out well.  The minute you make the other person(s) your focus you loose your own identity and that is when interactions become draining for you and whilst it may have been a pleasant experience generally, you gain nothing from it other than the opportunity to learn that that is something that you are doing that is not allowing you to walk away energised and revitalised from the experience as every interaction should.

Interactions of conflict are often a sign that you are not taking responsibility for yourself and the way you feel.   Conflict is about making another person responsible for how you are feeling and what is happening in your life.  This is true every single time.  Once you take responsibility for the way you feel and the way life works out for you, you will find that those who have conflict within them will move out of you life or will change in your presence as you are no longer an energetic match for their need to make you responsible for them.



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