Up Lifting Lunch – The Girls Network Charity

I had a wonderful lunch the other day catching up with an old acquaintance I had not seen in a while.   She has a very niche role work wise, in that she matches corporations to charities for fund raising projects.

She is immensely interesting to talk to just for that alone, however, what was so uplifting was the conversation that we began to have about women in society.   In her opinion, there is a lot of evidence now that women are starting to collaborate, starting to create their own businesses and starting to create a world that is more conducive to what they would like to see having found the current order unsatisfying or too restrictive.  And most importantly there is evidence abound that women are supporting women in these efforts.

She gave two examples of this:  firstly that crowdfunding run by women was finding that most funding for proposals by women was actually coming from women in a very statistically significant way.  The second example was that a charity has been set up (by a 25yr old inner city girl) in the UK called the Girls Network.   This is a mentoring opportunity for young girls who have been brought up in inner city areas to experience the choices available to them where they may otherwise see themselves as limited to having a baby just to move out of their parents house.  These girls are mentored by women in various walks of life who have volunteered.    This is such a wonderful idea!  if you would like to donate or simply find out more, please follow this link:  The Girls Network

For me, energetically, I am very aware that this movement amoungst women (I have spoken about it in previous posts) is taking place and it was a wonderful validation in words.   I think we could have talked all day and well into the night on the subject, however, other commitments prevailed and we had to break it off there.

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