Learning From Nature

Connecting with nature, spending as much time ‘in’ nature, is often cited as beneficial to our well being.   So today I decided that I would contemplate this idea and see what answers came to me.

Well it didn’t take long to get an answer, and it will now remain my focus of awareness for a while because the thought feels so good to me.

The answer?   It is a constant reminder that focusing on oneself, without expectation, not only brings one the greatest reward, but also the greatest reward to those who experience that focus on oneself.

What does this mean?   Look at a plant, or an animal, or anything at all, rock, cloud, dead leaf – they are all focused on themselves, so completely, in being the best that they can be in their given environment.  I get to experience the beauty of that, and that appreciation towards that which I am looking at, or experiencing, flows out of me energetically enhancing the well being, not only of myself, but also that which I look at or experience.

Note:   There are no conditions – the flower doesn’t not demand my attention, the bird does not ask to be listened to.  There are no expectations or obligations.  It is in nature we get to experience beingness.  In nature, being completely focused on being who we are, nature also gets to respond to us in the same way as it observes us too.





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