Example: Living the process

I’ve just had a lovely example of living the process of awareness:

I shared a video on Face Book of an entire neighbourhood in Gaza being wiped out with my comment being a sad face.   A good friend who is highly self aware and amazing life coach on the Law of Attaction kindly responded in saying that I was very out of the vortex – meaning I had allowed myself to slip into a state from which nothing positive could happen.

My Response:

Mel Cowpland Depends on your perspective xxxx – I see it as a fantastic contrast to desire and be in a place that is so much better for the Palestinians and the Israelis. (my blog post on Duality might help)
He replied that what had thrown him off was the sad face – so obligingly I deleted the sad face.  I don’t wish to confuse anyone.
What makes this a good example of living the process and swimming the ocean of emotion, is that – Yes my friend was right, to view that video did put me out of the vortex, however, that was completely ok for me because it gave me the opportunity to accept the emotion of sadness and in so doing immediately move to a place of hope and well being for the situation in Gaza because I know that what is happening there is not what the people on all sides really want, it isn’t who they really are, and so I have created a very strong desire for them to connect with who they really are and find the peace that they ultimately all want to experience in their day to day lives.
I know that my sense of peace regarding the situation will add to the sense of peace and hope for them felt by many and change will come in away that all involved can best allow it.
I have a deep appreciation for my friend who has helped me to clarify this – the more detailed the awareness, the more powerful the focus = the more powerful the outcome.

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