Duality and Practicing Oneness

When you hear some people talk they will say there is no duality, however, it is hard to ignore when we face the most obvious one every day – male and female.  So what does duality actually mean and how can we incorporate it into a new perspective in a way that makes it beneficial to our lives.
Duality in religion takes the form of good and evil – that 2 separate states exist and that we must aspire to one and reject the other both externally and internally.  However, duality extends beyond that to concepts of left and right, high and low, light and dark, male and female and so the response to these dualities has been the same as what has been taught regarding the duality of right and wrong/good and evil.  It has resulted in the preference of right handed writing to left handed writing, of male heirs and female chattels, light over dark, being high better than low.  Judgements about life and experiences are based on these preferences and whilst there has now been some recognition that these parameters are not entirely justified, the change has not been to a degree where one can recognise the true value of duality in existence.
So how is it beneficial?  first one has to understand that both states exist at the same time always.  Male can’t exist without female and visa versa; light can’t exist without dark etc.  with this in mind if you reject one you are rejecting the other.  many people make the common mistake that in rejecting one they can allow the other, however, you only have to see how the rejection of ‘evil’ in society has increased the wrong doing exponentially.
It is in this understanding that you can begin to see that it is only through acceptance of one that you can allow the other.  This is perhaps the most powerful thing you can do in changing your vibrational/emotional output to the universe, both in your observation of the world and in the observation of yourself.  It is in the accepting that you feel hate for yourself that you can find love for yourself; it is in the accepting that you feel blame that you can find forgiveness; it is in that accepting of judgement that you find freedom etc.
It is really that easy and if you find guilt stopping you – accept the guilt to find your freedom.
Practise accepting the duality of life and you will be practising internal peace and living in oneness which will reflect back to you in the world around you.


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