Fantasy vs Visualization

There is a big difference between fantasizing and visualizing, so it would be a good activity in becoming self aware to know the different feelings between the two within yourself so that you know when you are getting it right and when you are not and can be ok with it.

Fantasizing is actually what most people are doing.  This is not a criticism, rather it is an observation of a natural evolution of being in the current society.  We are taught to fantasize from a very young age.   We fantasize about how father Christmas loves us and will give us what we want, and often he reinforces that with a stocking with the latest toys and games this fantasy transfer onto fairy tale stories about how we would like life to be as children.  Parents coo at their children’s imagination without realising that these fantasies they are enforcing are ideas of realities that don’t exist due to conflicting belief systems.

Whilst we may grow out of these ideas, unfortunately the training is there to fantasize and it turns into a fantasy feeling in the body when we begin to understand that none of these things we imagined as children can be true.  Today, many adults are dreaming of successful careers, perfect partners, or more money with that fantasy brain.  The fantasy of wouldn’t it be nice, but isn’t true – therefore killing the manifestation being able to happen in their lives.  This Fantasy feeling has a very specific feeling in your body when you do it and you can learn what it is through contrasting it with visualization.

Visualizations have its basis in the reality of your current beliefs.   When you have no money it is hard to believe that you will have lots of money (so it would be a fantasy to imagine that), so you visualize having a bit more than you do now because that is something that is believable to you as achievable and therefore is something that feels really good too.  You have just opened the door to manifesting the reality of more money.

Play with visualizing things that you can actually believe happening.  If you are in a low place, perhaps visualize finding a really nice experience in your space – it could be the perfect bath, the perfect cup of coffee, or a really great film on the telly.  If you are in a good place generally, visualize receiving a free cup of coffee, or a free lunch, or finding the perfect parking space.  Once you have done your visualization – you can completely forget about it (noticing that something hasn’t happened is practicing it not happening).   When the visualization manifests, you can appreciate the power of the universe responding to your desires.

Harnessing the power of the universe takes practice, you won’t get it right every time right away.  That is why it is important that you learn the difference within yourself between a visualization and a fantasy first because that is the difference between something happening that want in your life and something you want never happening in your life.



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