My Cat is Lost – Dealing with a situation of worry

One of my cats is went missing yesterday.   She would not not come home for dinner, she is too nervous and territorial about her food bowl, so I know she is trapped somewhere.

Yes I am worried, I have horrible thoughts about her being stuck in a shed too nervous to make a noise.  I have been out knocking doors in the area I know that she visits and lots of kind people have checked their sheds.   Still no cat.

There is only one way I can deal with this now and that is to allow myself to be worried about her.  I allow myself to have the horrible thoughts without blocking them.  To not fight myself, because I know that will make me feel so much worse.

So I am worried, I do have thoughts about the worse case scenario for her and I am ok with myself with this state.  In being ok with myself about it, I know that she knows I am thinking about her and will try to get home as soon as possible.  Nothing more can be done but wait.  For now the state has transformed.   It will return; I will accept it again; it will transform.

Finally I have become free of the negativity and I am able to focus in positive hope for her well being right in the now and that is the very best thing I can do for her.   I will fine tune myself the rest of the day to maintaining this and the more I practice it the easier it will get.

One day through constant practice of this response to worry it will become automatic.  For now though I have to practice it.






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