Appreciating the Process

Recognizing and appreciating the process that you are going through is core to well being.  Often this only happens with people when they are recognizing a positive out come, which is not often because there is little awareness that everything is leading to a positive outcome.

Yesterday I wrote about a being reminded of an old feeling (read post here)  that was very uncomfortable for me and one that I had avoided dealing with.  It has to be said that I was aware that there was an issue as it was reflected in external experience, yet didn’t know what that issue was and had set an intent earlier this year that I would find out what it was and deal with it.   All I knew about this issue was that it was related to people relationships.

What I am really appreciating today about the process, is that through following the opportunities of inspired action I sat down yesterday and wrote that post.  It is in that post I was finally starting to recognize  what the issue really was – the belief ‘I am hated’.

I am not surprised I avoided it for so long!  I am not surprised that I have not been able to ‘see’ it! Yet here I am addressing this, finally seeing it and feeling it and I’m still ok – of course nothing has changed because I have had this belief in me since I was small  but it is wonderful that should I want to improve my life experience it can be presented to me in such a way at such a time that I can begin to do something about it.

So what does it feel like to connect with such a thought?   To be honest, the first feeling I have had to come to terms with is shock.   It is the shock I have never dealt with, never mind the belief.   I can now see that every time I am feeling the belief ‘I am hated’ being affirmed by experience, I immediately go into a state of shock.

So my mission today is just to be in shock and allow myself to be in shock that ‘I am hated’ and appreciating the opportunity to finally go through this process.   As I am in a core feeling here, in other words something that would have been created when I was still a baby, it will not serve me to analyse is, rather to be that baby who can only feel and just allow myself to be in shock.

I am so looking forward to the change that this is going to bring.  I love the way it has been presented in a way that it can be processed.  I love that the actions and events that I have participated in in the last 2 months has lead me here.   And I love that whilst I have been hated and I am loved and it is the new state of being that I am living.


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