With Every Thought Comes a Feeling

Every thought you have has a feeling associated with it.   It is of value to you to bring this into your primary awareness as you go through your day.

Any feeling that you have that have to a thought that is less than relaxed, take a look at the thought and change the thought to match the feeling to allow that feeling energy to transform.

To test this and make a practice of this, focus your thoughts on something that you want and don’t seem to be able to get – money or relationships are perhaps the most common subjects.

As you focus in this way, you will notice that you will have feelings generated by them that are not comfortable.  eg.  ‘I want to win the lottery’ may give you a twinge of anxiety in your chest because there is an underlying belief that your body is responding to.

What that belief is, is not important, what is important is that you feel something that is on easy and comfortable.  So take that thought that initiated the feeling and change the thought on the subject eg. ‘I don’t want to win the lottery’

Immediately you are feeling more comfortable with this new thought and relax.  Now from this place you can start working on thoughts about money that are more comfortable.  ‘money is a difficult subject for me’ (feeling check – not quite right) ‘Money is not a difficult subject for me, it is the receiving of it’ (feeling check – comfortable) ‘I really need more money’ (feeling check – discomfort) ‘I don’t need more money’ (feeling check – comfortable again) ‘I don’t need more money, but it would sure be nice to see more in my bank account’ (feeling check – actually that feels ok)

Now you have a thought that you can focus on that comes with a feeling of comfortable right now (comfortable is all you need to allow what you want to manifest).   At a later stage you might forget and find yourself with thoughts that don’t have feelings you want to match them.   Now you know what to do with them.   It takes practice.  You have to train yourself into awareness and then in using your awareness, train your body and brain into alignment with each other.




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