Thought Awareness – with a little more detail

Most of the thoughts that you are having are not serving you, in fact you are not even aware of many of the thoughts your brain is actively thinking.  So training your brain to think in the way you want to think is going to reap some big rewards for you.   To do this is very simple – become the conscious observer of your thoughts.   The immediate impact of doing this is that your brain in its awareness of being observed, will start to be more selective of the thoughts it thinks.   It is from this place that you can begin to choose whether or not those thoughts are serving you.

To identify a thought that serves you can become aware of the feeling in your body.  If there is any feeling in your body that is not calm and relaxed, you can be fairly certain that the thought is not serving you so you can say to yourself:

“I’m not thinking thoughts that are making me comfortable and that’s ok,  I can now focus my attention to feeling comfortable and relaxed and I know that with out effort my brain will start to give me thoughts to match my intent.  ”

Be easy on yourself.  Don’t force it.  Just observe, set your intent, then let it happen for you.

The more you practice the more your brain will be trained into serving you rather than running a mock in your head and focusing on things that make you feel uncomfortable.





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