You Are Connected To Your Future In This Moment – Now

One of the many multi dimensional blessings that we have is to be able to know our own future.  This may not happen in the literal sense, however, once you are in the moment with who you really are, you will always be inspired towards action that is about your future.  For example, you may drive to work every day on the same road.  Two other people who are not in balance with themselves, are lining up a car crash at the precise time you are going to be on that road.  You don’t know the car crash will happen, however, in the moment you are inspired to be late so that you do not converge with these other people.  It was your soul aspect who responded to the knowledge of the future that inspired your action towards a more pleasing outcome.  Like wise, it may be an event happening that will benefit you immensely in which case you will be inspired towards that event taking place easing your path to what you want.

Either way, if you are in or out of balance you are always inspired towards a future that is a match to your current vibration.  The better your awareness of yourself and your soul in this now moment, the more control you have over your vibration and can actively participate in making sure that you are constantly inspired towards a future that will be what you really want.



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