Your Unique Body is Your Experience

(Please consult your doctor regarding  symptoms, conditions and medications)

Of all the things that have been discussed so far, health and well -being are perhaps the subjects that people are most aware of with so much information being conveyed to us in the media.   Rarely a day goes by where the subject of health is not presented to us in some way. Yet I have left this to towards the end of the book for very good reason as will become clear.

The physical body is the expression of our spiritual desire to experience this reality from a unique perspective.  How our body performs, what it is good at and what it is not good at is all part of that experience as well as any issues that may occur with it during our lifetime.   This is an important point to make because wherever your physical body is in terms of health, it is precisely where it is meant to be for your unique perspective of this life experience.  It is really good to know this because it means you do not need to worry about it as much as you have.  What ever you think is wrong, is in fact, like the rest of you, perfect.  So before reading any further, it will serve you to look in the mirror at your body objectively and say to yourself:  My body is perfect for my unique life experience.  Allow, perhaps even for the first time, yourself to actually feel yourself in your body and get comfortable.  It is yours and only you will ever get to experience it.

The body is a fascinating and complex structure and the efforts we go to force our control over it for reasons of beauty completely undermine this fact.  It would be amazing if we could get up every morning and be looking in the mirror with awe at this physical manifestation in the same way we might look in awe at the birth of an infant or at pictures of the universe.  But somehow instead we look at it with criticism and tired eyes.   Does this amazing body that serves you so well in providing you with a life of experience, that is a physical manifestation of your soul, deserve such treatment?

Your answer may be yes if you are in a depressed state about your body.  It could be that it won’t be well for you, or won’t function properly for you, or it could be that it just won’t look right for you.  That you are so uncomfortable in your body that you are rejecting it every time you look in the mirror.   If this is true for you, then you need to embrace the experience of discomfort and rejection with awareness not ignorance.  When you look at yourself you need to say it to yourself or out loud – I am not comfortable in this body right now, I reject it and I reject myself.  I am rejected.   Allow yourself to feel that rejection you are experiencing in your body and take a deep breath.  Once you start to let the body feel rejection that you are experiencing, it can begin to process it.  As long as you shut down that feeling and don’t allow it, your experience of discomfort will only be intensified over time as you seek situations and experiences that reinforce ‘discomfort’ and physical ‘rejection’.

For most however, the experience is far less intense and our concerns with our body surround issues of weight, fitness, beauty and addictions.  Issues that seem to plague our lives, where we can achieve success and then achieve failure over and over, or we just give up and just remain critical and depressed about it generally.  This is because we have disassociated ourselves from our bodies and punish it for being the vessel by which we ‘feel’ and process emotions that we don’t want to own resulting in emotions simply getting stuck there.   Unfortunately stuck emotional energy (vibration) usually results in ailments and/or accidents in order for the body to release it.   Interestingly the only energy that doesn’t get stuck is the energy of joy and bliss, because they are the only emotions that we have been allowing ourselves to feel in our bodies when we experience them.

All this book has been about becoming consciously self aware, about allowing yourself to feel what your are feeling in your body right now and accepting that that is what you are living in this moment.   In practicing this you are already practising better health because through your awareness of what your body feels and accepting it, you are allowing the body to process that feeling much in the same way that it processes food, only on an energetic level.

Doing this is more important to your health than any exercise, diet or supplement you think you ‘should’ be taking or are taking.  So if there is anything you think you should be doing about your health but are finding it difficult to achieve either in short or long term, then you now know that it isn’t actually necessary to do anything right away.   Rather, sooth any thoughts you have on this subject by just saying to yourself that when you are ready it will happen naturally and would rather experience this experience right now and have the desired experience when this one is no longer of interest to you.


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