The Wrong Side of Bed

We all have days where our day is not turning out the way we expected when we woke up in the morning.   These days can be a real benefit to you if you practise being in the moment with them and embracing every negative manifestation for what it is – as something not wanted.  The trick with this change manifestation is that you pick up on it the minute you feel that first little spike of irritation or frustration and look at it and acknowledge it so that your awareness will allow you to go through your day empowered and robust to the niggles that come at you thick and fast.  Solutions will appear quickly for you and soon it will be like jumping on stepping stones to get through your day because you don’t want to get wet with the frustration that these things cause.  If you try to ignore the sequence of events you will begin to spiral into powerlessness and frustration, fall into water and have to wade your way through it to the other side experiencing more hiccups along the way.

We barrel through life these days at breakneck speed, and take little time to process change when it presents itself.  This often results in people getting lost in anger, depression or having nervous breakdowns.   So what I am mostly emphasising here is to slow right down and put yourself and needs first when experiencing change in your life by experiencing each one as it appears.  It will make the process much easier for you, and the more you get to know your own personal experience of change the more the better able you come at dealing with it.

One thing that you can never expect is to not be affected by change.  We are all effected by it and we all experience it at a physical level.   So allow yourself and body to feel it completely, be as kind as you can possibly be to yourself and you will find that it is completely a beneficial experience as opposed to be one that has to be resisted.


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