Choose to live!

If you accept your spirituality, you will understand that, before you became a physical expression of source energy (God), you were pure source energy without physical expression.  In that state you were called forth into physical expression by the desires you generated as source, and those you generated in a previous physical life.  As source is not restricted by linear time, you were not restricted by linear time, and chose the best moment for you to live your experience on this planet to meet those desires.

The point being made here is that you came here with intention.   You weren’t pushed into this experience, you are not having this life to be punished, and you are not victim of it.  Your source aspect is in a pure state of joy at the desires your physical experience is generating, whatever they maybe, without analysis or judgment.  By connecting with your physical aspect in the real sense, by being aware of your body, emotions and mind (father, son and holy ghost as it is known in Christianity), you are able to get into alignment with your spiritual aspect (allowing joy to be your dominant state) so all those desires can begin to manifest into this physical experience.

The wonderful part of all of this is that you don’t need to worry about it too much, because the things you haven’t aligned with are all there for you when you become pure source energy again.  The experience of dying is like winning the lottery as you expand instantly into everything you ever wanted, be it love, connection, happiness or a big house with fast cars.   You literally become one with all the things you have wanted.

The not so wonderful part is that you are not experiencing these things whilst you are in this physical manifestation, which is where you wanted to experience it, so it is from source that you decide to have another physical experience to learn how to manifest these desires, as well to generate new desires, which creates further expansion of source.   The creation/expansion cycle is eternal, you are eternal, you can never die and not come back because this physical experience is addictive to you from source perspective, as it generates so much expansion of creative energy.

It has been said that the humans are on the leading edge of source energy, and really that under estimates (through the restriction of linear language),  the extraordinary expansion we generate for source energy through our desires in this diverse, and extremely contrasting, environment seen from the completely unique perspective that each of us have.  This life, no matter what you think of it from a disconnected place, is so important because your perspective has never existed before, and will never exist again.  Yet, on the other hand, because we are eternal, it really doesn’t matter if you maximise your experience of it now, or maximise it in the next – it really is your personal individual choice.  What is important is that you decide.  That you make that conscious choice to committing to this experience you have chosen, and become the master of the experience, and not the victim, as most of us have been.



5 responses to “Choose to live!

    • How does it make me feel? Sad, weak and powerless. I do not feel I have been put in a place where I am able to change it. Was that your intention? Is it change that you are asking for, or is it pain you are asking for? If it is change then changing the way you approach the issue and present it would be more helpful to me so that I can feel I can add to it. If you want to create more pain you are definitely getting it 🙂 No body likes to see suffering. You are powerful woman – transform your energy.
      It would be nice to see all women united stand up against the men to stop the suffering in this world… to create a force so strong by being united that the men have no choice by to stop killing and start listening. My love flows towards to you in faith and hope. xx


  1. Thank you for the excellent post! I am learning more every day the importance of letting go of self and letting the spiritual presence work through me. His power is far greater, and making the conscious decision to surrender to it can only bring blessing 🙂


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