Understanding Change

The process of life is the process of change.  As we all know, change is inevitable yet somehow that doesn’t help with dealing with it, be it the small changes in your schedule of the day or big changes like moving house or losing a job.  They jar us, make us feel uncomfortable and frustrated.   So I would like to shed some light on this subject and some pointers that will set you off in the right direction to discovering your own process for change.

Firstly we need to understand that our response to change was programmed with in us from the moment we are born.  Birth is the first big change experience that we perceive, and it is so dramatic (warm safe cosy womb to cold vulnerable noisy outside) and unique  that each and everyone of us comes away from it with a different set of internal programming for it which will affect our future perceptions of changes that occur.  The key aspect of this first major change is the sense of no control.  It just happens and whilst some babies do a good job of getting stuck, the end result is the same of warm and safe to cold and vulnerable.

So our very first imprint on the subject of change is that it is not a necessarily a good thing, but unfortunately for the little tikes, change doesn’t stop there, then there comes a whole lot of changes that aren’t welcome like the first time there is a care giver and no mummy, or the first feeling of the teeth in the mouth.  And whilst of course the baby is reassured on its path to adulthood, it will none the less view change with the mind of a baby for the rest of it’s life.  As a result all of us as adults will feel some resistance or a lot of resistance to change depending on how we experienced it as a child.

None of this programming is by accident, however, there was need to be adverse to change as raising children is best served with stability and security so being adverse to change is nature’s way to maximise survival and is not exclusive to humans.  Many mammals that are taken out of the environment that they are accustomed to will suffer stress and some will die so traumatising the change for them.
However, in this modern life we have created for ourselves as humans this programmed response no longer always serves us in the way we need it to so in coming to this awareness you can begin to learn how it is affecting you individually in certain situations and how to work with it so that you can begin to benefit from change rather than being a victim of change.



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